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Extra Curricular Activities

  • Sports

In addition to several informal group-activities and some formal p.e. programs, there are five homeschool sports teams in the Austin Metro:

  1. Austin Royals
  2. Panther Sports
  3. South Austin Warriors
  4. Tribe Consolidated
  5. Wilco Falcons

  • Martial Arts
  • There are several dojos that offer martial arts in the Austin Metro. We’re particularly fond of the Martial Arts of Austin and Street Smart in Kyle.

    • Music

    The sky’s the limit with music lessons, but the Christian Choral Society of Austin and Christian Youth Band of Austin are the two best choices for choir and band for homeschoolers in this area.

    • Art

    Many art classes and workshops exist in the homeschool co-op groups. See Local Groups under the LOCATIONS menu.

    • Dance

    Here again, the sky’s the limit in dance lessons, but only one claims to be solely for homeschoolers: FLEX Homeschool Dance.

    • Theatre

    Some co-op groups offer theatre classes, Veritas Academy being one of them. They just won the state competition this month!

    • Chess

    Some homeschool academic resources offer it as a class, One Day Academy, for example. The Austin Area Homeschoolers have a Chess Club that meets weekly and there are many other chess clubs around too. It’s a lot more popular than you’d think.

    • Robotics

    This is a big hit with children of all ages. The most famous homeschool robotics club in the area is the Disgruntled Robots. They made it to the World Championship in 2013!

    • 4-H

    Here’s another great opportunity. There are numerous activities to do as a homeschool 4-H-er, from baking to Border Collies, there’s something for everyone. One local homeschool family got to represent Travis County 4-H in Georgia at the National Congress last year!

    • Others

    The list is long enough already, but other activities include things like the Austin Rhetoric Club and Scouting (Boy Scouts and Trail Life, Girl Scouts and Heritage Girls) to name a few.

    Special Needs

    Here’s a good place to get you started: Free Homeschool Info: Special Education (scroll one-third down). Don’t forget Google: Special Needs Homeschooling. There are also some local groups with info too. See the Special Needs section in the LOCATIONS menu.


    Local Resources

    Online Resources

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