Curriculum Spotlight: One Day Academy

Just some of the excellent curriculum offered

  • Saxon Math series: Algebra 1/2 – Algebra 2
  • World Views of the Western World (Quine)
  • Apologia: Biology 1-2, Chemistry 1-2, Physics
  • Essential Elements of Band
  • Pahlow’s English series
  • Introductory Logic (Nance)
  • Learning American Sign Language (Humphries & Padden)
  • Computer Apps series (Gaiser)


Who’s in the Homeschooling Curriculum News?

One Day Academy: Statistics

  • Started in 2005
  • 13 campuses and growing!
  • 5 summer campuses
  • On-line campus
  • Over 1100 students
  • Over 750 families enrolled

How to Choose Homeschool Curriculum

Once you’ve decided on your method of homeschooling, it’s time to choose the curriculum. There are no set rules to selecting homeschool curriculum, but these suggestions should definitely help you get the curriculum you want.

  1. Look through homeschool curriculum. Choose at least 3 different ones within the method you’ve chosen. If you haven’t chosen a method yet because you want to make your decision based on the curriculum, you’ll need to select about 3 different ones from each method you’re considering. Go to the following places:
    • Homeschool Students. Check the RESOURCES and LOCATIONS menus for clues.
    • Homeschool Magazines. See Magazines in the RESOURCES menu.
    • Homeschool Catalogs. Refer to each curriculum website.
    • Teacher Stores: Teacher Heaven, Lakeshore Learning
    • Bookstores: Barnes & Noble, Half Price Bookstore
    • Libraries. Some public libraries will have many of the materials homeschoolers use.
    • Homeschool Get-Started Meetings Check local libraries.
    • Homeschool Conventions *Very informative, but conventions are often overwhelming for novices.
  2. View homeschool curriculum online. See RESOURCES menu for more details.
  3. Discuss your findings. Speak with your family and decide which curriculum best coincides with the method you’ve chosen.
  4. Select your curriculum. Choose it based on your findings: method fit, budget, and also on your child’s learning style. See Curriculum in the RESOURCES menu for places to shop both locally and online.

Purchasing the Curriculum

Buy it.

Now you can go to the same places you did in your search and buy the one(s) you’ve chosen. Make sure you follow your budget.

Barter or Nab it.

Homeschoolers are known for their thriftiness, mostly due to the fact that most homeschooling families have just one income. Know that it is possible to homeschool using FREE curriculum or bartering for it. There are many free e-books available, Kindle offers free e-books, and so does Project Gutenberg.


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