Extra-Curricular Activities

  • Art. Many art classes and workshops exist in the homeschool co-op groups. See Local Groups under the LOCATIONS menu.
  • Dance. Here again, the sky’s the limit in dance lessons, but only one claims to be solely for homeschoolers: FLEX Homeschool Dance.
  • Theatre. Some co-op groups offer theatre classes, Veritas Academy being one of them. They won the state competition last year!
  • Chess. Some homeschool academic resources offer it as a class, One Day Academy, for example. The Austin Area Homeschoolers have a Chess Club that meets weekly and there are many other chess clubs around too. It’s a lot more popular than you’d think.
  • Robotics. This is a big hit with children of all ages. The most famous homeschool robotics club in the area is the Disgruntled Robots. They made it to the World Championship in 2014!
  • 4-H. Here’s another great opportunity. There are numerous activities to do as a homeschool 4-h-et, from baking to Border Collies, there’s something for everyone. One local homeschool family got to represent Travis County 4-H in Georgia at the National Congress last year!
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