What’s Our Story?

     We never imagined ourselves being the teachers of our own children. We went to public school and survived. Besides, home schooling just wasn’t a choice when we were growing up, so we didn’t know about it. Once we learned about it, it was a wonderful educational choice. Now, we can’t imagine not homeschooling! 
     After realizing public school wasn’t going to be well-suited for our family, we began researching other options. We both taught in the public schools, and we wanted something better for our children. We couldn’t afford to send them to parochial schools, and the private schools we found just weren’t clicking. We asked around to friends, co-workers, and classmates. Many were talking about the benefits of homeschooling, so we continued our search for the perfect educational setting for our family.
     Fifteen years ago, there weren’t as many resources as there are now, but we decided to go for it. One of us left full-time teaching in the public schools to be the full-time teacher of our children in home school. The other became the sole money-maker, and the administrator and additional teacher of our children in homeschooling. We’ve been able to school in the city, as well as in the country. In fact, our children grew up on “the farm” and gained many hands-on skills for which even some adults long to experience.
     We’ll be truthful; it’s not been easy, but it has been worth it! We’ve come a long way now, and hope to provide you with the answers to your questions so that you too will enjoy the fruits of your labor of love in homeschooling your children.