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  1. What’s Homeschooling? Homeschooling is the full-time education of students based on the curricula chosen by the parents in accordance with their state’s laws, as opposed to what’s taught in a public school. It may or may not be solely taught in the home and may include religious instruction. It is not considered a parochial school, because some families choose only secular studies. In Texas, home schools are unaccredited private schools. Find out more under the LEARN menu.
  2. Why would anyone want to do that? There as many reasons to homeschool as there types of homeschoolers. Check out the because section under the LEARN menu.
  3. What are the homeschool laws in Texas? There are three basic requirements:
    • Use real instruction – don’t sham schooling your child.
    • Use visual/written curriculum – books, video, etc.
    • Use the basic subjects of reading, spelling, grammar, mathematics, and good citizenship.

    Check out the Texas Home School Coalition website under the THSC FAQs and click each tab of interest. Underneath the Texas state law requirements is a video about our freedoms to homeschool!

  4. What is the Good Citizenship requirement? Technically, this is a course in civics, the study of the rights and duties of citizenship. It teaches one to become a good citizen by actively participating in the rights and rules of government (voting, taxation, jury duty, and townhall meetings). This can include using the Pledge of Allegiance in elementary grades, learning U.S. and Texas History in the middle school grades, and learning Government and Civics in the high school grades. Click through the list of curriculum methods in the LEARN menu for various programs offering these courses.
  5. What curriculum is required to homeschool in Texas? Since no one curriculum is required in Texas, there are several options available. Our Curriculum page in the LEARN menu lists several curricula commonly used. As long as the whole curricula covers the five subjects described above, you’re good to go.
    • No one is supposed to “approve” it.
    • No hours or days/year are required.
    • No accreditation is enforced.
    • No certification of teachers needed.
    • No registration is required at the local school district.
    • No state standardized assessment tests are mandated.
    • No public school graduation requirements are necessary.
  6. Do homeschoolers get to participate in public school activities? Yes, we sure do. In fact, that’s how we get our socialization – the dreaded S word in the homeschool world. See How do we get Socialization under the LEARN menu. We also have sports teams, robotics clubs, rhetoric and chess clubs, Spelling Bees, science fairs, art contests, choirs and bands, as well as other student activities such as 4-H, Teen Court, National Honor Society, and even have their own Prom and graduation ceremonies. For specific activities offered, go to the various pages under the RESOURCES menu.
  7. How do you do all that by yourself? Most families don’t. Sometimes it takes the right kind of “village” to help home educate a child. There are numerous supports for homeschool families; from teams and clubs for extra-curricular activities, to homeschool magazines, tons of online resources, and face-to-face support groups for the education and enrichment of all homeschooled children. Check them out in the RESOURCES and LOCATIONS menus.
  8. Where’s the fun? Oh, we get plenty of fun. Go to Free Fun in Austin for a list of current and ongoing activities. They’re just too numerous to write here.
  9. Is there any news about homeschoolers? Oh, yes, we are in the news. Check out the News section from the LEARN page for current news.
  10. I’m in. How do I start? Read the quick start version off the HOME page, then go to the How to Start Homeschooling page in the LEARN menu. This website has tons of information to get and keep you going!

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