Who is ATX Homeschool?

We are a storehouse of homeschooling information, especially in the Austin Metro.

To new Austinites and non-Texans, the ATX stands for Austin, Texas.

Bicycle Hub and Spokes representing Austin Hub for Homeschooling
Austin Hub for Homeschooling

We are a homeschool hub

  1. What’s a homeschooling hub? A homeschooling hub is the central network of homeschool activities. Like the hub of a wheel, we are the center that points homeschooling newbies, as well as experts, to the best path to take to receive the information needed. We work in the Austin Texas Metro to provide all sorts of information concerning homeschool in hopes to serve the several types of homeschooling families.
  2. Where’s the Austin Metro? The Austin Metro is the area roughly between the towns of Georgetown and Taylor in the north, Elgin and Bastrop on the east, Kyle and Wimberly in the south, and Dripping Springs and Lago Vista on the west.
Map of Austin Metro
Here’s the Map of the Austin Metro –

Where else can we be found?

    • On Facebook, you’ll find our description as: “A homeschool hub in the Austin Texas Metro from Getting Started, to Keeping the Momentum and everything in between.”
    • On Twitter, we are “Homeschooling in Austin Texas Metro. Events. Getting Started. Groups. Curriculum. Special Needs. Free Fun. Organizing. Laws. Keeping Momentum.”
    • On WordPress, our website host, we are simply “Austin Hub for All Things Homeschooling” where our motto is: “Keep Austin Homeschooling”.