Hot Days, Hot Kids

Care for the Kids in the Car – 

 Summers in Texas can get extremely HOT and when someone’s left in a car without a/c, ew baby, it can kill ’em – literally!  Austin APD has a wonderful blog they’ve posted that lists the top hot car safety tips for preventing heat exhaustion and death of children, the disabled, and the elderly by being left in hot cars.

If you lock your keys in the car AND the baby, call Pop-A-Lock (24/7) at 512-420-0919 , they’ll help you for FREE through their PALSavesKids program. Believe me, it works. I used them many, many moons ago  ;-}

Have fun this summer, but play safe!

What’s YOUR  Top Tip for Hot Car Safety with the Kiddos?

* Hot Car Safety Tips:

* PALSavesKids: id=86

* Pop-A-Lock:

* Local Locksmiths: Search your favorite browser for current listings.

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3 thoughts on “Hot Days, Hot Kids”

  1. Thank you for sharing this! I hope we stop seeing news stories about kids and pets dying from being left in the car. On my way to and from Dallas this week, I noticed many electronic road signs warning people to call the police if you see a child left in a car.


    1. I apologize for not replying sooner – Yes, I agree with you. Seeing those signs is disturbing. Strangely though, I sometimes wonder if someone would call on seeing an older child who is old enough to stay in the car by themselves or with siblings (12 yrs. old in Texas).


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